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Direct Email Marketing

Permission based e-mail marketing, also known as opt-in e-mail marketing, is an e-mail direct marketing technique that requires the consent of the recipient prior to sending e-mails. It creates a highly targeted audience who receive e-mails only on topics specifically requested. The premise of permission based e-mail marketing is that it is anticipated, personal and relevant, making it one of the most effective and affordable forms of online promotion and communication. In addition, permission based e-mail marketing is becoming popular in response to negative feedback to Internet junk mail.

Our customised e-mail software programs allow organisations to participate in permission marketing. The software features include:

Campaign creation - plain text or HTML message templates can be designed in a format that appeals to the target audience. Plain text guarantees a message will be readable to viewers whilst HTML is becoming more popular due to its colour, graphics and branding appeal

Personalisation - Customised content (text and graphics), including subject line, sender name, recipient name and reply to address

Subscription monitoring - Allows customers to automatically add or remove themselves from a list and filters out returned mail from redundant addresses

Tracking - Provides reports and analysis for each campaign enabling users to measure their return on investment

More enhanced features of our direct email marketing solution include:

  • E-Mail campaign and strategy planning

  • Contact list acquisition tools e.g. viral marketing (‘Tell a friend’ function on an e-mail), surveys, competitions and electronic newsletters

  • Automatic database updates

  • Customer profile details and follow up surveys

  • Automated responses to customer enquiries

The advantages of the solution offered by ZeenNet are vast and measurable:

Higher response rates - The audience expects to receive e-mail from the organisation which ensures higher response rates compared to unsolicited e-mail

Cost-effective - Permission based e-mail marketing significantly reduces paper, printing and postage costs

Instant Communication - More immediate than traditional ‘snail mail’ marketing techniques

Integrated database - More information is collected about prospective and existing customer requirements

Quality Assurance - It provides valuable feedback that may lead to product and service improvements across the organisation


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